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Today, IDP Education announced its intention to welcome Intake Education, a leading international education organisation, into its global team.

Culturally aligned, IDP and Intake are united by the quality support they provide international students, and the leading services they provide institution partners.

Intake brings to IDP three decades of industry leadership in the UK-bound international education sector.

Based across 10 countries and proudly student-first, Intake’s employees will bring additional expertise, experience and diversity to IDP’s global team of 5,000 employees. 

Murray Walton, Interim Chief Executive Officer, IDP, said that by welcoming Intake into its team, IDP will be positioned to help students across more locations access international education.

“Together, a united IDP and Intake will become the clear global leader for students pursuing an overseas education,” Mr Walton said.  

Mr Walton said IDP was drawn to Intake’s integrity and customer-centric values in what can be a noisy market.

“Like IDP, Intake teams care deeply about getting great outcomes for their students and institution partners.

“We both proudly stay by our students’ sides from first enquiry through to starting in the classroom,” he said.

Pieter Funnekotter, Chief Executive Officer, Intake, said Intake will make IDP stronger.

“In joining IDP’s team, Intake will help grow the international education sector and create a new standard for supporting students in achieving their global goals,” Mr Funnekotter said.

IDP will acquire Intake’s offices based across Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, India and the UK.

“In the near term, Intake will continue to operate under their existing branding and structure to allow both organisations to further align and understand opportunities to come together,” Mr Walton said.

“Intake’s geographic footprint complements IDP’s global network. In some markets such as the Philippines and Thailand, IDP and Intake are the two clear market leaders, whereas in other areas, such as West Africa and Taiwan, IDP can learn from Intake’s market presence,” Mr Walton said.

The agreement is expected to be completed in November, and the transaction is subject to customary completion conditions.

Media contact:

Nicole Gauci, Porter Novelli


+61 427 696 957  

About IDP Education 

IDP is a leader in global education services. As an Australian listed company, IDP operates in more than 50 countries and its websites attract 100 million visits a year. 

IDP specialises in combining human expertise with a leading digital platform to help people get accepted into their ideal course, take an English language test or learn English in their schools.  

IDP’s teams work side by side with their customers every day, at every step - from course search through to starting their dream course or career.  

IDP’s data insights are relied upon by organisations around the world to help ensure policies are informed by the diverse needs, challenges and motivations of students.  

Most of all, IDP is proud of its people. It is their trusted people and processes that help their customers turn their study or English goals into a launchpad for their career. 


About Intake Education 

Intake Education is a leading global education advisory service that connects students with overseas education opportunities in English-speaking countries. With a growing network of advisors and alumni, online and offline resources and events, as well as local market insights, Intake delivers expert advice that changes lives. Founded in Taiwan, Intake has over 30 local offices across Africa, Asia, and Europe, and has advised over 100,000 students to study abroad since 1993.


Jonah Duffin
Jonah Duffin20 September 2022