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International education sector welcomes a joint IDP and Intake offering

Last week IDP Education announced its intention to welcome Intake Education into its global team and together become the clear global leader in international education.

Since then, IDP and Intake have engaged with the international education sector to discuss the acquisition details, the rationale for bringing two leading student placements together, and the opportunities this brings students, partners and IDP and Intake’s people.

Simon Emmett, CEO of IDP Connect, was encouraged by the positive response from Intake and IDP’s institution partners.

“IDP and Intake coming together is like two pieces of a puzzle joining together, with our shared values and complementing geographic reach. Both organisations are proudly student-first and this resonates with our institution partners, who are excited by our extended reach and quality services.

“Even though both businesses will continue to operate as separate businesses for some time, we are committed to sharing open and regular communication and will work closely with our partners throughout the transition,” Mr Emmett said.

Over the course of the week, IDP and Intake held webinar briefings for more than 450 institution representatives across Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Canada and the US, and contacted more than 5,000 people with the news.

If you missed the Australia and New Zealand webinar, you can watch it here.

Frequently asked questions for IDP and Intake institution partners:

Updated Thursday 29 September, 2022

What happened?

IDP and Intake have entered into an agreement for IDP to acquire Intake. In doing so, IDP and Intake will come together to shape the future of international education.

Why is IDP acquiring Intake?

Intake is a quality, trusted international education company. By welcoming Intake into its global team, IDP will build skills, experience and market presence in key regions around the world. This acquisition supports IDP’s objectives of expanding its global footprint and supporting more students to connect to their global goals.

When will this happen?

The transfer of ownership is expected to be completed by November. Following that, there will be a period of several months where IDP and Intake continue to operate as separate businesses to allow time to learn from each other and plan integration.

What will happen to my key contacts at Intake and IDP?

These remain the same for the meantime, at both Intake and IDP.

What will happen to the Intake brand?

As Intake and IDP will continue to operate as separate businesses for some time, there will be no change to the Intake brand until at least mid-next year. As we further align both organisations, we will determine the path forward for both brands.

What will be the impacts on students?

Students who have an application submitted through IDP or Intake will not be impacted by this announcement. Students will continue to liaise with their trusted advisors.

Which offices is IDP acquiring?

The Intake offices IDP is acquiring are in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, India and the UK. 

Intake’s joint venture operations in Vietnam (ISC-Intake) and its licensee operations in Malaysia are not part of this acquisition.

Intake will continue to support ISC-Intake in Vietnam in the coming months to ensure a smooth transition.

Intake Malaysia will continue to operate as a licensee of Intake. Over the course of the next year, we will agree on any changes to this relationship. Institutional partners will be notified of such changes well in advance.

What will happen if commercial terms are different?

As Intake and IDP will currently be separate businesses until the transfer of ownership, we won’t be in a position to review commercial terms. After completion, we will work with our institution partners to establish a single contract. Until then, terms remain unchanged with both IDP and Intake.

Could this affect my student numbers for the upcoming intakes?

There will be a period where both businesses continue separately to allow time to understand operations. As such the number and diversity of students you are accustomed to receiving from Intake and IDP will continue unchanged for some time, particularly for the September 2022 and January 2023 enrolments.

For any other queries, please contact:

Rachel MacSween, IDP, rachel.macsween@idp.com

Richard Jones, Intake, richard.jones@intake.education

Jonah Duffin
Jonah Duffin30 September 2022