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The IDP Connect Crossroads research was commissioned in April, July, October 2020 and April 2021 to track shifting international student choices and motivations for face-to-face teaching amidst the global pandemic and amassing over 16,000 responses. Applicants and offer holders come from more than 60 countries and hold applications to offer 400 institutions across Australia, the UK, US, Canada and New Zealand.

Griffith College in Queensland, Australia, has taken the research findings of IDP Connect’s International Student Crossroads Survey of applicant and offer holders to shape a new successful international student campaign and strategy. Watch the video now to understand how Griffith College are heading into 2021 in a strong position with supported students and a vastly improved offer to acceptance rate.

Hear from Director of Marketing and Admissions, Heidi Monsour about how Griffith College have taken IDP Connect research findings to create the Priority Student Package. To provide students with extra support at this time, Griffith College’s new offering includes daily welfare checks, travel, accommodation and healthcare assistance, and even groceries and essentials.

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Sophie Tudor16 December 2020