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The University of Alberta is one of the top 150 universities in the world and top 5 in Canada. The University of Alberta has successfully recruited international students for its undergraduate and graduate research-based programs. As a leader in research-based programs, the University sees an opportunity to offer more.


The University of Alberta partnered with IDP Connect IQ to undertake a broad landscape review of various programs across Australia, Canada, and the UK to gain competitor insights that would assist the University in understanding where opportunities lie.


The University of Alberta was seeking real-time student demand data for popular programs by subject and study level to identify gaps in the current portfolio to guide investment in program expansion. The University required assistance to better understand and identify application and enrolment trends for programs in Australia, Canada, and the UK.

The University was also seeking a comprehensive analysis of program fees by destination market to forecast revenue models.

What made you choose IDP’s IQ service offering over anything else you could have done?

IDP's IQ service was chosen to conduct the research on behalf of the University due to the breadth of service they offered in terms of both data analysis and a team directly in touch with prospective students. IDP has in-country knowledge and insight from 30+ international student recruitment markets, as well as access to enrolment data from over 50,000 students placed globally including 16,300 students placed into the Canadian market in 2019/2020. The IDP IQ research team has conducted many projects for universities around the world.

How have you or will you use the findings and recommendations from the consultancy?

The recommendations from the research are being used to drive the creation of new programs and modify existing programs to increase their attractiveness to international audiences.

What impressed you about the research and analysis?

The ability to cover multiple jurisdictions and present this in a digestible format, along with access to data which can be interrogated thoroughly.

Anything else you’d like to add about your experience with IDP Connect IQ?

The IQ team was very responsive to our needs and have extensive experience in conducting research which helps universities make strategic changes of direction. The team was able to answer hard questions in a professional manner.

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Emma Sletteland14 June 2023