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As part of our ongoing agenda to deliver sustainable success for students and institutions, IDP is committed to capturing genuine, quality, and complete applications in a timely and efficient manner.

We are therefore pleased to announce a formal partnership with StudyLink Connect to offer students and institutions an integrated admissions solution that will streamline the entire recruitment and admissions process. IDP and StudyLink have worked closely together on systems integration for several years and now this formal agreement takes the relationship to the next level.

This partnership aligns with our continued efforts to build a trusted platform to connect students, counsellors, and institutions to submit, assess and process an application through to an offer response, so that the entire process is quick, easy and transparent.

For this next chapter in the IDP StudyLink Connect relationship, StudyLink Connect has developed new Recruitment Partner APIs using industry best practices which can be utilised to automate and streamline application processes from submission to offer response, enhancing the IDP application management experience for students, counsellors and institutions.

Key benefits of our integration include:

  • Application process is now speedier and more efficient for students, counsellors, and institutions:

  • Seamless two-way flow of information between student, counsellor, and institution

  • Reduce human error and improve transparency on progress

  • Fewer clicks and less data entry for counsellors – resulting in more valuable time for our expert counsellors to help students with their study abroad needs

  • For students, they will have real-time visibility of their applications to StudyLink Connect integrated institutions via the IDP Live app

  • For institutions, they will receive accurate and complete applications (with FastLane identification) which will enable them to optimise acceptances and enrolments

Application assessment for institutions will be faster with system checks and governance on how information is captured, managed, and submitted to institutions. This means institutions will receive correct, complete, and certified applications, saving valuable time for admissions teams.

The integration will also support IDP’s Offer in Principle service, FastLane, by ensuring that qualified applicants can be easily identified and prioritised for formal offers quickly.

The StudyLink Connect integration will be going live in a phased approach, piloting in Singapore in July 2023 with a restricted release to understand feedback and address any concerns, followed by a wider roll-out throughout the year.

If you would like more information about our StudyLink Connect partnership, please get in touch.

About StudyLink Connect

StudyLink Connect is an Australian-based software as a service (SaaS) company, established 30 years ago. We've developed StudyLink Connect into a leading, cloud-based agent and admissions management solution that makes it simpler for education providers to convert more quality applications and manage their recruitment channels for better, more sustainable relationships. It is the preferred method for agents to submit and manage applications and is used by over 64 institutions globally. Visit the StudyLink website for more details: https://connect.studylink.com/

CP - Image - Sophie Tudor
Sophie Tudor05 July 2023