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Supporting students throughout their international education journey is a key focus for both IDP and The Ambassador Platform (TAP).

Today’s prospective students have a wealth of information sources to turn to when they start their research, and many higher education professionals face the challenge of determining where to invest marketing budgets and how to ensure they get the best messaging to the right students. At the top of the funnel, we need to ask ourselves three key questions:

  1. Where do prospective international students look for information?

  2. What do they want to know?

  3. How do we make an impression on them?

Knowing the answers and making sure our approach fits and continues to fit with them is key to building brand awareness and, in turn, building trust and connection.

Our report, "Peer-to-Peer: Why Student Ambassadors are Key Connections Throughout the Recruitment Funnel," aims to answer these key questions. The report provides information on when prospective students start their research, how and where they look for information, which platforms they use, how they begin to differentiate within their search, and the value of peer-to-peer communication. It also explores how IDP and TAP's new joint products can support your institution.

Peer-to-Peer: Why Student Ambassadors are Key Connections Throughout the Recruitment Funnel

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Jane Venn
Jane Venn16 April 2024