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Our Emerging Futures 3 survey, which collates the views of over 20,000 current and prospective students, offers a unique and timely dataset for institutions try to expand their reach.

Not only did results from this considerable undertaking illustrate a burgeoning international student population eager to resume studying abroad on the tail-end of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also showed fierce competition for the top destination markets.

Amid ongoing updates and improvements for the sector, such as the Australian Government’s post-study work rights extensions and upcoming Universities Accord, there’s never been a better time for institutions to take advantage of this booming interest and start building robust and versatile recruitment strategies. But where to start? Which markets appear most prolific based on this data? And what are the trends, interests, and unique characteristics of the student body in such markets?

Using Emerging Futures 3 data, as well as external sources, and expert insights from key IDP figures, our latest report, ‘Emerging Futures 3 Source Market Profiles: A Deep Dive’ features in-depth profiles of 5 source markets: China, India, Philippines, Nigeria, and Vietnam, and how institutions can best leverage their recruitment efforts to build a presence amongst these lucrative markets.

Emerging Futures 3 Source Market Profiles: A Deep Dive

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Vincent Dwyer
Vincent Dwyer19 September 2023