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We are delighted to participate in the #WeAreInternational campaign, spearheaded by Universities UK International. A key aim of the campaign is to celebrate international students, make the UK a welcoming study destination, and share how much international students contribute to UK culture, society and learning experiences.

International students’ lives have been transformed by their UK education and experiences. And in turn, they continue to transform the lives of those in the UK through their actions, contributions and different views and perspectives.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing stories and insights from our global student counsellors about why they love sending international students to the UK and what their students love about studying in the UK.

We spoke to three of our student counsellors based in Malaysia to hear their thoughts.

Interviewee 1: Nurulhuda Ahmad, Senior Counsellor – UK (Penang)

Why do you love sending students to the UK?

I love sending students to the UK because the country offers enriching and diverse academic experience. This is further championed by my own personal experience as a UK university graduate, where I had access to world-class education and experts that strongly encourage students to exercise critical thinking skills and experience cultural immersion. Furthermore, the environment, the sceneries as well as the country's richness in historical landmarks and vibrant cities provide opportunities to foster personal growth and exploration.

What do these students say about the UK once they are studying in the UK?

Despite common opinion, students who want to continue their education overseas may find that studying in the UK is a reasonably priced choice. I usually project that onto my students, and once they were there, they agreed with it. Everything is designed to make life easier for students, including public transit, travel to nearby European countries, and unlimited number of student discounts and assistance!

My students often rave about the multicultural environment, the supportive learning environment, and the opportunities to grow and develop as self-sufficient adults. Generally speaking, they often returned with broadened perspectives, treasured memories, and a renewed sense of independence.

Interviewee 2: Teh Yi Hong, IDP Senior Counsellor – UK & Ireland (Kuala Lumpur) 

Why do you love sending students to the UK? 

Because it’s my students’ dream to study abroad in the UK. They look for academic excellence, the international feel of studying in the UK and the ranking of the universities – all which make for a unique study abroad experience.  


What do these students say about the UK once they are studying in the UK?  

My students suggest looking for accommodation close to your classes for convenience's sake. Also, look for scholarship opportunities provided by the universities – there are many you might not know exist!  


Interviewee 3: Fong Yen Xin, IDP Senior Counsellor – UK & Ireland (Kuala Lumpur)

Why do you love sending students to the UK?

It’s a shorter study duration compared to other overseas study destinations. It is also perceived as more welcoming and friendly with lots of international cultural influences, particularly at universities….and in London!

The institutions themselves are very helpful and responsive, particularly when my students have specific concerns or questions. The scenery is also very different from what my students are used to and it makes me happy when they say how beautiful it is, particularly Scotland!

What do these students say about the UK once they are studying in the UK?

My students tell me that they get to meet a lot of new friends. It’s very windy, with cold weather unlike our tropical climate, and also the public transportation is very punctual! The weather is actually really nice to walk in unlike our weather so they live much healthier lifestyles.

The locals are so polite, that even when they see you coming from afar, they actually hold the door for you and wait! People actually thank bus drivers when they get off the bus and they say, “Cheers!” a lot!

The groceries are also very different, everything is pre-cut and prepared for you, making shopping and cooking for yourself very easy to do. It is easy being an international student in the UK and adapting to a new lifestyle is not so hard to do.

For more stories and updates from students and our student counsellors, follow the #WeAreInternational campaign on our LinkedIn page.

Franki Clemens08 May 2024