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International student demand to study in the United States is rebounding in an impressive way post-pandemic, and not just from traditional top-senders like India. Demand is growing from diversity markets such as Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan, and this interest is resulting in enrollments. In fact, enrollments at IDP US partner institutions from diversity markets increased by 57.33% from the 2020/21 to 2021/22 school year.

Diversification of international enrollments is a key goal for many institutions, but breaking into new markets can be a difficult proposition - it requires time, expertise, data, and a well formulated strategy. Our new report, 'Rebounding International Student Demand for the US from Diversity Markets' provides the data your institution needs to start building a recruitment strategy aimed at diversification.

Key findings covered in the report:

  • US search and demand trends from diversity markets

  • Which diversity markets are sending the most applications and enrollments to the US

  • Insights on conversion trends and top programs of interest in diversity markets

  • Opportunities for US institutions interested in diversifying enrollments

Rebounding International Student Demand for the US from Diversity Markets

An IDP Connect Report

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CP - Image-Emma Sletteland
Emma Sletteland13 December 2022